Saturday, May 21, 2011


I'm experimenting with a different "look" to a portrait drawing.  Comments anyone?

Graphite Pencil Drawing
Image size 2" x 2"

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sweet Dreams, Baby N

You may recognize this drawing from a photograph I took awhile back.  It's been a favorite photo of mine, and I've been wanting to create a pencil drawing from it ever since I took the photograph, and now that I'm done with it, I'm glad I did.  I like how it looks as a drawing too.
Image Size 3" x 5"
Graphite Pencil

Spring Baby

This baby bird chose our deck to stop and rest upon while learning to fly this weekend.  The girls were happy to encourage him (her?) in his flying lessons and soon, with parents keeping a close eye on him from a nearby tree, he flew off to the front of the house and then on to the neighbor's yard.  Happy flights, little bird!