Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A heartfelt thank you

to the secret Santa who left the gift bag on my doorstep in the wee hours of Christmas morning.  Your thoughtfulness and generosity brought tears to my eyes and I wish I could thank you in person.  I can only hope that you see this or my Facebook post and know how greatly appreciated it is to my family.  Many heartfelt thank you's to you from me and my family, and Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Model Train Exhibit

Last week the girls and I went to Bandana Square to see the Night Trains model train exhibit.  All of the tiny little to-scale pieces were absolutely amazing!  The overhead lights in the room were turned down so that the city was lit up by its own lights.  Everywhere you looked there was something else to see - even in the windows of the buildings!  Very cool!

Baby V

This sweet little baby boy turned 2 weeks old yesterday and I spent a wonderful morning today photographing him and his family.  And although his big brother didn't have much interest in being photographed (nor did he want to share his puffs with me either)  :)) we did finally manage to get a couple with both boys together too!  Baby V is modeling some of my own crocheted hats that I've recently finished.  After the holidays they will be going up for sale in my Etsy store, along with a few other designs in various sizes.  Christmas may be over, but it's still cold outside!

Enjoy your sneak peek, G Family!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pencil Drawing Memorial - Charlie

Memorial to Charlie
Graphite Pencil Drawing
Image size 8 x 10"
Frame size 11 x 14"

The Twins

Nine months ago I photographed these twins as newborns, and now look how big they are!  It was fun to see how much they've grown, and they each have their own unique personality now.  Miss H was constantly on the move, while Mr B was content to just sit and observe us.  They were both super happy babies tho, and it was easy to get smiles and giggles out of both of them!

"...um, brother?  Weren't we supposed to save these cookies for Santa?"

Saturday, December 8, 2012

6 month Miss K

It seems like I was just taking little Miss K's three month photos, and here she's already six months old now!  This was a fun session with the holiday props and you can see I had a lot of favorites!  Although she was rather serious and quiet in the beginning, we got a bunch of big smiles and giggles in the middle thanks to her daddy's silliness before she dozed off dreaming of Santa.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

S Family

It was rather foggy and chilly this morning when I got together with this family for a quick outdoor session, but they were all really great sports about it, even when I asked them to sit on the cold ground!  And despite it being foggy and cold, we got some fun shots.  Thanks guys!

Monday, November 12, 2012

9 month Baby W

Baby W really kept me on my toes this morning!  He was having a blast crawling around everywhere, looking at himself in the mirror, and chasing after kitty.  I've been photographing this little guy since he was born, so it's always fun to see how much he's grown each session.  Here's a quick sneak peek for you!

 Here kitty, kitty.....

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Best Friends

Miss S and Bear have been best friends since Miss S was a year old.  I remember how I had taken Miss S to the dollar store with me one day.  She was sitting in the front seat of the shopping cart as the two of us strolled past the bin of stuffed toys.  They immediately caught her attention, and I stopped so she could look at them.  Bear was the first one she picked up.  She picked up a couple other animals and another bear of a different color next, but would put each of them back and pick up this bear again instead.  After she had looked through all of them and was still holding Bear, I asked her if that was the one she wanted.  I can still remember so clearly how emphatically she kept nodding her head as she held it tightly to her.  She refused to let go of it as we finished our shopping, and once at the register I remember how solemnly she entrusted Bear to me as I paid.

In the years that Bear has been in our lives, all three of us have weathered many changes.  Bear has gone through a good share of wear and tear; the stuffing in her neck no longer holds her neck up properly, and I have repaired more than one hole in her body, but the bond that was formed between the three of us that afternoon six years ago is one that will always remain a precious memory between a mother and daughter.  

I love you Miss S and Bear!  :o))  

Sunday, October 28, 2012

6 month Miss E

Ok, so I don't have any favorites when it comes to the children/families I photograph, because they're ALL awesome, :o)) but this little girl would be one of my favorites if I had favorites!  LOL!!  She's got the most infectious giggle and gorgeous eyelashes!  This morning she was babbling on and on, telling us something important, I'm sure.  Then she found out that if she made this oh-so-funny little shouting sound (you had to hear it to appreciate it!) her mommy and auntie and I would laugh and laugh at her!  Which, of course, made her do it over and over again!

And isn't she just the most adorable little peacock you've ever seen, in her Halloween outfit?!