Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well, as the line in The Abyss goes, “Virgil Brigman back on the air….”

Thought I’d better update my blog soon or lose the two remaining people that DO check it once in awhile LOL! I’ve taken on a new project this year. I got the idea from an article titled Project 365 in one of my Creative Keepsakes scrapbooking magazines. You take a photo each day and scrapbook them on weekly pages with a little bit of journaling under each photo. At the end of the year you’ll have a day-by-day look into the daily life events for that past year. It sounded kind of fun, and really, how hard can it be to remember to grab the camera and take at least one picture each day? (actually, I’ve had a couple days where it’s gotten pretty late at night and I’ve almost forgotten to take my picture, but I’ve been able to do it so far!) I then print them out in 2x3” size so I can fit seven photos plus a little journaling block under each one on an 8 ½ x 11 piece of scrapbook paper. Then I just put each page into a 3-ring binder and it’s done! It’ll be fun looking back on it in a year, and who knows, maybe I’ll even continue this project in the years to come!

This project got me thinking about another one that would be interesting to do. Every morning when I walk into the building where I work, I can see the Cathedral on the hill across the street. Depending on the season, sometimes the sky behind it is dark, sometimes it’s colored by the sunrise or rainy, sometimes the trees have leaves, sometimes they don’t, etc. I thought that it would be fun to be able to set up a camera on a tripod somewhere and be able to take the exact same picture each day at the exact same time and then at the end of the year print them out in order and see how the scene changes from season to season. I wish our backyard were a bit more photogenic for this project, but I don’t think the neighbor’s house or the pine trees in between our houses are going to change TOO much over the course of a year! But it would be a fun idea to keep in the back of my head in case we ever do move and have a place that would work to keep a tripod set up year round….

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