Monday, November 15, 2010

D Family

The first snow of the season is always pretty, even when that first snow is 6-7" of the HEAVY, WET kind that all comes down at once in less than an hour before a photo shoot!  It makes for for taking family photos a little chilly tho, especially when you factor in a brisk 32 degree wind blowing around you too!  I met this family of four at their home for a few warm, indoor shots, then we drove out to a neighboring barn for the rest. They were all such great sports, standing out there for a few quick photos when even I, in my heavy jacket, would have called it quits long before they did!  LOL!! ;o)  I'm glad they decided to stick with the original outdoor location plan, too.  I love their bright colors against the white barn siding.  And thanks, A & I, for putting up with the cold as long as you did.  You did great!!  :o) 

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