Saturday, November 3, 2012

Best Friends

Miss S and Bear have been best friends since Miss S was a year old.  I remember how I had taken Miss S to the dollar store with me one day.  She was sitting in the front seat of the shopping cart as the two of us strolled past the bin of stuffed toys.  They immediately caught her attention, and I stopped so she could look at them.  Bear was the first one she picked up.  She picked up a couple other animals and another bear of a different color next, but would put each of them back and pick up this bear again instead.  After she had looked through all of them and was still holding Bear, I asked her if that was the one she wanted.  I can still remember so clearly how emphatically she kept nodding her head as she held it tightly to her.  She refused to let go of it as we finished our shopping, and once at the register I remember how solemnly she entrusted Bear to me as I paid.

In the years that Bear has been in our lives, all three of us have weathered many changes.  Bear has gone through a good share of wear and tear; the stuffing in her neck no longer holds her neck up properly, and I have repaired more than one hole in her body, but the bond that was formed between the three of us that afternoon six years ago is one that will always remain a precious memory between a mother and daughter.  

I love you Miss S and Bear!  :o))  

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