Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!  Well, according to the calendar, at least!

The first day of spring on our little part of the map is supposed to be, well, spring-like!  Mild temps, melting snow, maybe a blade or two of green grass or a brightly colored crocus poking through the few melting patches of remaining snow.  Average daytime temperatures are supposed to be in the low to mid 40's.  This week last year was WAY above average with temps in the high 70's!  Today was way BELOW average, with a high of only 20 degrees but with a wind chill making it feel like single digit temps.

With snowdrifts in our yard still three feet deep in spots, there was no chance of seeing any signs of spring today, despite what the calendar says, so the girls and I decided to make our own spring!  With paper and markers and scissors, we created flowers and bees and butterflies and ladybugs.  A little bit of tape made our artwork come alive on our wall in a very spring-like manner!  (if you look closely, you'll even see the raindrops that girl #2 insisted the flowers needed!)

We may have snow and single digit temperatures outside tonite, but inside we have flowers blooming, bees buzzing, and butterflies fluttering!

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