Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Camping Trip

Day One:
Arrived late afternoon, set up tent, ate dinner and made smores, and played glow stick frisbee until bedtime.

Day 2:
Awake to hear Girl 2 calmly say, "Momma, there are 16 spiders on our ceiling."  I hate spiders.  Luckily for me they are on the outside of our ceiling.  Sausage and eggs for breakfast, then playtime at the park.  Girl 2 very proudly practices making it across the entire monkey bars without help.

A drizzly morning walk...

"Momma!  I think fairies live here!"

...followed by beach fun, including rock face pictures...

...then back to the tent to wait out the rain.

Once the rain stops it's time to build our own fairy house complete with shells and feathers and other treasures fairies love...

...followed by another walk.

Almost back to our campsite we're surprised by a family of turkeys.  I almost missed getting this photo of 13 babies.  Unfortunately, it was the last photo on my card, and as soon as I clicked it, at least this many more babies came out of the trees and followed behind!  VERY cool!

Day 3:
Taking down the tent.  Did I mention I hate spiders?

One last monkey bar practice at the park before we check our campsite for any forgotten items, and suddenly a surprised exclamation from Girl 1...

"Momma!  The fairies came!"

Who knew that wood fairies traded quarters for shells!  ;o)

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