Sunday, January 26, 2014

Girl 1, Photographer

After my mini sessions with Girl 1 and Girl 2, they decided they wanted to "open up" their own studio.  I love how much they've learned from watching what I do.  Girl 2 was the "mom" who brought her baby to the studio.  Girl 1, Photographer, chose a cute hat to match the baby's outfit, and then arranged the baby gently in a basket lined with a soft, fluffy blanket.  When she was ready, she removed the pacifier from the baby's mouth, (baby was a little fussy in the beginning) while "mom" stood behind the photographer and distracted the baby with an M&M to get her to smile.  (ok, so I don't use M&M's with babies to get them to smile, just so you know, but I have been known to get a smile or two out of a two year old with one!)  ;)  After trying a few different angles and shots, the photographer announced she had gotten enough photos and gave the baby back to "mom".  The last photo here is from Girl 1, Photographer's sneak peek!  :)

Photo by Girl 1, Photographer  :)

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