Thursday, September 18, 2008

Photo Practice

This weekend I am going to be photographing some friends but didn't really know where I wanted to take their pictures yet. I grabbed my camera and my one of my available photo assistants to take a look at a couple spots I had in mind. It was getting late in the evening so I wasn't expecting to get a lot of "good" shots - more or less I just wanted her to stand in a few different places so I could see if the backgrounds looked good or not. We started out taking these along the bright red brick wall of this building until she noticed the two HUGE daddy long leg spiders crawling up the wall and refused to stand against it anymore. (I have to admit, I felt like they were crawling all over me for about two hours afterwards, too!) LOL

We then drove over to a nearby park for the next shots. By this time the sun was getting really low in the sky and it was a beautiful bright golden color. I started taking these pictures but didn't really think any of them were going to turn out at all when looking at them on the camera screen. I thought they were all going to be much too dark. I was trying to hurry to make the most of the available light left, and all she wanted to do was run, run, run of course, :) so it was a challenge to get her to sit still long enough to take one or two pictures! Most of the time I'd get one taken and off she'd go - I'd have to call her back and bribe her to stand still for "just one more" please! Overall, I'm pretty happy with all of them. I love the golden color of these - what you see here is how they came out of the camera!

This last one is my favorite!!

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Jodi Vetsch said...

You found some really neat locations - I love the red wall, not straight on, but at an angle. Lots of cute ones! And the golden color SOOC is perfect!