Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hats, Hats and More Hats!

I’ve taken up a new hobby recently. I've taught myself how to crochet baby hats. I had no idea standing in front of shelves and shelves of yarns of so many colors and textures could be quite so much fun! LOL And there are so many simply adorable designs out there too. I am going to start taking custom orders for anyone interested. If you’d like one, just let me know what color(s) you’d like in it and what size child you want it to fit. I will post various patterns to choose from and a size chart in the sidebar as I create new designs, so stay tuned for that. Buy one for your own sweetie, or perhaps someone else’s cutie. Fellow photographers looking for something to adorn all those sweet newborns in? Lets talk!


Jodi Vetsch said...

These are so cute! I would love to see more and know how much they are!

Juli said...

Hi Jodi :)
I should have some more samples done this weekend and up on my blog early next week (the 11th). I'm going to price them at $22.00 and give a 25% discount to photographers. I'll email you when I've got more ready!