Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday Trivia - what's on my crochet hook today?

Periwinkle yarn!  Hobby Lobby open up here in town last week, so of course that required an immediate shopping trip to check it out.  Once there, this lovely shade of yarn pretty much jumped out and begged to come home with me to become something fabulous on my hook.  So far I've finished a hat and am working on a matching scarf to keep the head and neck of one of my little ones warm.  I'm thinking I may have to try my hand at matching mittens next!

However, I now have a dilemma.  Periwinkle is a color in both the blue and purple family.  Girl One's favorite color is purple.  Girl Two's favorite color is blue.  Who, then, gets to wear this?  I think I may be taking another shopping trip soon to get a second matching skein...  :)

And a bit of periwinkle trivia... Crayola introduced the color to its crayon box in 1949!

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