Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fairy Garden

Today a few of my co-workers and I got a very special tour of an incredible fairy garden at the home of another co-worker.  When we arrived, the patio table was set with a mouthwatering fruit topped cheesecake, bowls of fruit, and juice.  While we enjoyed our lunch under the watchful eye of her large, furry family member who I think would rather have been outside with us too, our hostess told us about the history of her house and how her gardens came to be.

Once lunch was over, we started our tour in the main garden filled with dozens of variety of Hostas and other plants, all neatly marked with nameplates.  Mosaic garden tiles, an apple tree trained bonsai style, a small waterfall cascading over a petrified wood landscaping that we all seriously thought were large rocks, a wine barrel water garden complete with goldfish and a cute frog garden sculpture were just a few of the beautiful details that greeted us.  Then we moved on, around the corner of the house to the main attraction, the Fairy Garden.  And oh my!

Words can't begin to explain how incredible this was, and even photos can't do it the justice that seeing it in person does.  I think we were all expecting to see some cute little type of planter container housing a small scene inside it.  We certainly weren't expecting to see this wonderful, magical fairy world filled with castles and other fairy dwellings and dozens upon dozens of fairies enjoying tea parties and art and music and gardens and games, all spread out the entire length of the house.  Miniature hosta plants and even a miniature grape vine plant were scattered throughout the garden.  What made it even more amazing were all of the special mementos from family trips and vacations that were lovingly placed just so throughout the garden; an Eiffel Tower sculpture from a trip to Paris, agates from the north shore, sand from a tropical vacation, a cactus from a trip to a southern state, and on and on.  Love of family was included in the garden as well, by way of rocks engraved with each family member's name forming a rock walkway, and a beautiful portrait of a granddaughter being "painted" by an artist fairy.

I think I can safely speak for us all when I say I could have stayed for hours to lose myself in the wonder and magic of this little world.  I know I didn't see everything there was to see, and even tho I took a LOT of photos, I know there were still a lot of details I missed photographing.

Whether you believe in the magic of garden fairies or not, a visit to this wonderful little world will certainly have you imagining you just might have seen one flit by out of the corner of your eye.

A special thank you from all of us for allowing us into your magical little garden world, and may garden fairies always watch over you and your loved ones.

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