Friday, August 1, 2014

Monarch butterfly

For the past few years, the girls and I have been raising Monarch butterflies successfully.  We simply release the first three generations, and tag and release the fourth generation for their migration to Mexico.  The caterpillars we've found in late July are third generation caterpillars.  Over the last three days we've had 9 hatch, with three more in chrysalis stage and a couple more still in caterpillar stage munching on milkweed.  Three females emerged from their chrysalis this morning.  Unfortunately during the drying process, this little lady's top wing did not straighten and dry properly, and she is unable to fly.  After releasing the other two females, I transferred this one to our garden, where hopefully she will be able to survive the rest of her short 2-6 week life as a butterfly hidden among the flowers.  Good luck, little girl!

Oh, and the beetle was found on one of our sunflower plants.  Bugs are kind of creepy looking close up, aren't they?  Think I'll have to start saving up for a macro lens!  :)

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